Escentuelle is proud to participate in the 2023 DPA pre-Oscars celebrity gifting suite in Los Angeles! A brand-new unisex scent, "I Am . . ." will be hand-delivered to Academy Award nominees and VIPs, but you can order your own right here!

What would wearing a custom perfume do for you?
How would it affect your life, or your outlook on life, or others' reactions to you?

The answers to these questions are far more important to me than what you’ve worn before or what your favorite flower is. And they’re also likely why your search brought you here. 

Scent is personal—it’s fully subjective and intrinsically linked to memory. So composing a perfume that represents you goes way deeper than what you like. It gets into who you are—and who you aspire to be. 

Exploring those deeper meanings and matching them with 
a fully personalized, unique perfume is at the heart of Escentuelle.

I'm Carolyn Dunne, founder of and Scent Artist at Escentuelle,
and I can't wait to craft a scent that's perfect just for you.

Despite my perfuming journey of 25+ years, I approach each custom perfume project as a learner, asking myself key questions that go beyond my technical training:
What do I need to understand about my client?
What ingredients call me when my client is in my mind’s eye?
And what is my client telling me without saying a word that will guide me to the right ingredients, at the right proportions to suit them perfectly?

Don't be surprised when everyone who smells your custom scent says, 
"Oh, wow! That's so YOU!"

"The whole process is so interesting and educational; it’s an absolutely lovely way to spend [a couple of] hours. Carolyn Dunne, owner of ESCENTUELLE is witty, wise, and very patient.  Her nose knows fragrances!"

Geralin T.

"Carolyn was very personable and knowledgeable. This was a unique experience well worth the money and time!  We left with truly personalized perfumes. My husband was impressed and he had high expectations since he loves colognes."

Claudia C.

"The personalized touch coupled with the convenience of being able to meet online made this a really wonderful experience. Carolyn’s thoughtful and deep understanding of the process made this a very informative and engaging presentation."

Janet B.

"I learned so much about fragrance notes, what blends well together, and so much more. I can't wait to create my next masterpiece!! I highly recommend Escentuelle by Carolyn Dunne for your fragrance needs. You are one-of-a-kind...shouldn't your fragrance be?"

Tonia S.