A Custom Perfume Experience from Escentuelle 

Every time I guide a client in composing her own signature fragrance, I feel so privileged to be taken along the scent journey of her life: roses from her grandmother’s garden, salty surf from weekends at the beach with her girlfriends, peaches from the pies she bakes with her children. Having my guest tell me about the fragrances she’s worn before and select the ingredients that smell the best to her gives me an idea of what she may want in her custom perfume. But that’s only the starting point.

With each ingredient I put on a tester strip for her to waft, she decides whether it’s right for her here and now. While we discuss why certain essences are used, where they come from, and how safe they are, I guide my guest in combining the ones she likes the most and evaluating how to make the blend succeed. I walk her through how a perfume is composed and what role each section plays in it so that she understands how the choices she makes affect the outcome of her own scent. And with each layer of her custom perfume—from base to heart to top—we come closer and closer to the final elixir that, when she spritzes it on her way out the door, makes her exclaim with a huge smile on her face, “It’s just…me!”

What can you expect from an Escentuelle custom perfume experience?

• pride in wearing a fully personalized scent created just for you!

• engaging education and expert guidance from our Scent Artist, Carolyn

• high-quality, non-sensitizing ingredients from the oldest perfumery in France

• a spray bottle of your custom elixir and an ability to reorder it at any time

• most important: pride in wearing a scent created by, and just for, you!

two women with perfume testers strips at an Escentuelle Signature Perfume Experience

Signature Custom Perfume Experience

Our most exclusive experience is 1:1 (or 2:1) with our Scent Artist, Carolyn. It can be held remotely at any location in the United States, or in person in the RTP area. In advance, Carolyn will ask you about what you've worn before and the type of fragrance you're hoping to make. Combining that scent history with intuitive hits from your discussion, she will choose a range of ingredients that would work best for your custom scent.

During your appointment of up to 2 hours, Carolyn will educate you on the composition of a fine French eau de parfum while leading you through:  

--evaluating your potential ingredients (getting a feel for each and forming an initial opinion on whether you'd like to include it)
--choosing the most compatible ingredients among the ones you prefer
--combining your chosen ingredients for a harmonious balance  

You'll build your custom perfume section by section, from base to heart, sampling the blend at each stage. 

Custom Perfume Workshop

Through the end of March 2023, Escentuelle is offering their Custom Perfume Workshop at Gather Studios in Downtown Cary, NC. 

Designed for 2-4 people, guests sample a range of perfume types (or "scent families"), choose from among ingredients that correspond to those families, and combine them into a harmonious blend for a custom perfume. It's a hands-on experience with guidance and education from Scent Artist, Carolyn. 

By appointment Wednesday evenings 7-8:30 pm, and Saturday afternoons 12-1:30 pm and 2-3:30 pm, at https://calendly.com/escentuelle/caryworkshop