Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do you use, and are they safe?

The essences our guests use to compose their own perfume are imported from the oldest perfumery in Grasse, France. They have met or exceeded European Union safety standards, which are much higher than those in the United States.

These eaux de parfum are scent material mixed in alcohol, with about 35% natural ingredients (like essential oils), and at a concentration of approximately 13%.

Most people who usually worry about sensitivity to scent have had a good experience with ESCENTUELLE products due their quality and safety. 

Can you re-create a fragrance?

The fragrance industry now releases about 2,000 perfumes a year, so, not surprisingly, many get discontinued. We are therefore approached fairly often about replicating a fragrance that is no longer in production. The focus at ESCENTUELLE is on helping our guests compose fragrances that are unique to them, though we have successfully guided guests in creating a fragrance that has many of the same scent characteristics as something they loved wearing in the past. Exact replicas require chemical analysis and access to thousands of ingredients. We leave that up to companies that specialize in those services so that we may instead guide our customers in composing a scent that expresses their individuality.

May I bring my spouse or friend to my appointment?

You may bring a non-perfuming friend to keep you company at an appointment as long as their input is minimal and does not slow down the custom process. If your guest will be contributing significantly to the creation of your scent (helping you choose ingredients, evaluating each level of blending) or their input makes your appointment exceed its time limit, a surcharge will apply.

Can my child make a perfume?

Normally we welcome people ages 12 and up to our studio. If you have a younger child who would like to make a scent, an adult must be seated with them throughout the appointment and must help them with ingredient bottles, scent blending, and formula writing if their age or maturity level does not allow them to perform these tasks on their own.

Pricing is the same as for an adult, though we can guide your child to age-appropriate ingredients if you so desire (e.g., leave out musk or patchouli).