Effective but gentle liquid hand sanitizer
with 78% alcohol and scented with essential oils

We might still be in a health crisis--but we don't have to smell like it! 

When I learned that only the highest levels of pure alcohol (applied topically, of course!) could keep the virus away, I set out to make sure we weren't all passed out on the floor from the aroma. Taking to my scent organ, I formulated my own blend of essential oils, and then added them to a liquid sanitizer that is locally distilled.

Here's what that means for you:

It's 100% natural and effective.
Though it's "scented," there's only enough to neutralize the barroom notes--not to linger and overwhelm you.
It's created by small business owners who want to keep you healthy while helping their businesses survive these unprecedented times.  
And, because it's so pure, once you rub it all over your hands, it evaporates quickly and leaves no sticky residue!  

Choose from three different, all-natural scents:

Citrus Harmony
pink grapefruit, lime, and tangerine essential oils
It's your go-to when you're invoking Friday happy hour at 11 am on a Tuesday.

Fields of Lavender
two types of lavender essential oils
"Calgon, take me away" . . . Oops, wrong brand and wrong decade. Just think "calm."

Herbal Mint
spearmint and rosemary essential oils
When you need a wake-up call that almost smells like it comes from a forest, this is the one to reach for.